About Us

Who is Local 99?

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local Lodge 99

We just call ourselves IAM Local 99, and we are the Union Local Lodge that represents workers in Alberta and the Northwest Territories for:

Kal-Tire (Fort McMurray)
Leavitt Machinery

What we do

We Represent!

But what does that mean?

As the union that represents the workers at these locations we negotiate contracts on our members behalfs.

We work for better wages, benefits, working conditions, guaranteed hours of work, proper pay, pensions, you name it!


All over Alberta from the USA border right up to the North Pole of the Northwest Territories.


Representing and upholding workers rights are key fundamentals in unions, in fact they are the most important of all!

No one can understate how important protecting and maintaining the rights of workers really are. Can you recall the last time an employer did anything from the good of their heart?

Where was the last quarterly report that told you how the workers compared in wage to the next company? When was the last time you heard of a company that wanted to look after their retired or sick employees?

In the race to the bottom, we are the last line of defense for the working person (that would be you)!


By sticking together, arming ourselves with education, and years upon years of combined knowledge!

A union, at it's core, is a group of people UNITED towards a common goal. A hockey team is a union of players whose goal is to win the game, the same would go for any sport or organization aiming at a common goal.

We at the IAM Local 99 are the instrument to help you succeed in that goal! Instead of winning the game, our goal is to win better wages, benefits, pensions, working conditions, most anything in the name of the working person.

Do you have the financial ability to take an employer on at court?

Do you have the knowledge to tell your company's Vice President, for that matter the President that what their doing is not only wrong, but illegal and have the means to fight for it?

We do and we can educate you and bring your working conditions to where you and your fellow workers want to see them.

How to Join!

Sounds like something you're interested in?

Want to see your workplace improve?

Would you like better retirement benefits?

Would you like better wages?

Do you want someone on your side for once?

Remember behind every employer is a team of people trying to marginalize you, your working conditions, your benefits, your pay into the ground in the name of the better quarterly report!

Do you want to take that lying down?

Contact Us

#107, 10471 - 178 Street NW

Edmonton, AB. T5S-1R5

Phone: (780) 414-1499
Fax: (780) 483-1606

Toll Free: 1-866-799-7799

Email the President of the Local by clicking here!