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Local Lodge 99 has started an exciting new design contest: We are giving away a $500 Visa gift card to the winner of a competition to determine the best T-shirt artwork we can find. This contest is open to the general public (check out the rules here:) We are encouraging everyone to participate and are eager witness the talent we have in Alberta and the NWT


Corporate Canada has reached a milestone in 2014. For the first time ever, it is now hoarding more cash than the national debt. What that means is that in one fell swoop, Canada's corporations could pay off our entire national debt with just the cash sitting in their banks accounts, nevermind their other assets. ...continue reading

In the next phase of getting Local 99's communications back up to speed, Don Seel, Local Lodge 99's VP, Educator and Communicator has finished the first day of  training with Frank Saptel, Communications Representative for the IAM in Canada on the use of WordPress;
website creation and maintenance software.  IAM Local Lodge 764 was kind enough to let the other locals use their facility in Richmond BC, so the students are taking full advantage of the knowledge base available to get their sites to where they should be. ...continue reading

Hello Everyone,

The completed and signed IAMAW / Finning Collective Agreement for 2013-2016 can be found here.

We feel that there are many significant changes and that the format will be much easier to read, search, and understand with much attention being given to the wage tables and LOU's.

The External LOU's book has also been created and printed. It will be available in limited quantities to stewards or here.