The Finning Bargaining Committee has put together a survey for the membership.


There have been concerns about not getting the access code sent back. We have checked into this and for the most part, it comes down to a few things:

  1. spelling errors in email addresses
  2.  Company email addresses being used
  3. The email ends up in spam or junk mailboxes

We do not want this survey link to end up in the hands of any of the employers for Local 99.  We request that people only use their personal email addresses.

If there is a delay (more than a few minutes), please send an email to

January's membership meetings for Local 99 will be held in Red Deer at the Radisson Hotel at 6700 - 67th st at 1:30pm, 3:00pm, and 5:00pm. There will be second reading of bylaws, so it is essential that we reach a quorum of 25 members. Please attend if possible. A printable version of the meeting notice can be downloaded from here. Please post this notice on your local bulletin boards.

It's time once again for the election of our Executive Officers.

This year we are electing the Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Secretary Treasurer. Nominations will be held at the September membership meetings in Red Deer on September 9, 2015.  Anyone who cannot attend these meetings, but wishes to have their name put forward for nomination may contact our President, Mark Meldrum at with their information and the position(s) for which they wish to be nominated.

All ballots are now absentee ballots, so keep an eye on your mail for an envelope from the Executive. This envelope will contain some instructions, the ballot, a small envelope to put the ballot in, and a stamped return envelope. The ballot must be inside the plain white envelope prior to being placed in the return envelope or the ballot will be considered spoiled and can't be counted.  Ballots will be counted at the November membership meeting and the results announced.

Local Lodge 99 has started an exciting new design contest: We are giving away a $500 Visa gift card to the winner of a competition to determine the best T-shirt artwork we can find. This contest is open to the general public (check out the rules here:) We are encouraging everyone to participate and are eager witness the talent we have in Alberta and the NWT