Local Lodge 99

We are in another election cycle for Local 99. Our bylaws state that all Executive terms are 3 years. The elections for the Executive positions are staggered by 1 year: this year, the President, Conductor Sentinel and the Trustees are up for election.

The candidates for President are:

Mark Meldrum
Bruce Caravan
Paul Mandryk

The candidates for Conductor Sentinel are:

Dennis Calihoo
Morgan Eisthen

The Candidates for Trustee are:

Jeff Frenette
Freddy Navas
Neil Rudiger
James Lesoway
Lorne Park
Richard Routhier
Don Seel
Trent Demanchuk
Wade Zenchyson
Jon Barry

Best of luck to all of the candidates.

Please ensure that your mailing is correct so that you can receive a ballot for this and future elections. Click Here to update your personal information with the Union

Local 99 recently received information from the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and the United Way Centraide Canada (UWCC) regarding a $2500 scholarship. Members and their children have the opportunity to apply for this scholarship through the CLC/UWCC website: click here

The application form is available below:

It's time once again for the yearly scholarships.

Local 99  has two $999.00 scholarships available for 2016. Any member or immediate family of a member can apply. Send an email with the relevant contact information, proof of enrollment in a post-secondary course and a transcript to scholarship@iamaw99.ca prior to Dec 9, 2016.  The winners will be selected based on transcripts by LL99's  Executive.

We highly encourage any interested parties to get their information to the email address above as past history indicates that the number of applicants is low..

In addition,

The IAMAW Grand Lodge has sent us the 2017 scholarship packages. If any member or child of a member wishes to apply, the rules and applications forms are available by calling 301-967-4708 or are downloadable below...

We have had one of our member's children win this scholarship in the last few years, so we highly encourage anyone who is interested to apply.