IAMAW Grand Lodge Elections Absentee Ballot Request

Hello Everyone

With the upcoming Grand Lodge Elections, you should have or will receive in the near future all the information surrounding how you can vote in who represents the very top of the IAMAW union.

If you wish to request an absentee ballot please click on either of the links below (choosing whichever one represents your native language). You will need to then print the form and follow the directions CAREFULLY!

Once you have printed the form and filled it out correctly you must deliver in person or mail that request form to your Local Lodge Recording Secretary or Secretary-Treasurer no later than 10 days before the voting date set forth in the Notice of Election.

The address of the Union Hall is as follows:

Recording Secretary or Secretary-Treasurer
#101, 10471 - 178st
Edmonton, AB.

IAMAW Grand Lodge Election Absentee Ballot Request English

IAMAW Grand Lodge Election Absentee Ballot Request French