To all Finning Members:

Negotiations continued on July 12th and 13th.  Your committee has gone as far as we can with Finning, and discussions have stalled. Both parties have come to tentative agreements for most of our proposed changes to the CBA with a compensation increase of approximately 0.75%. This equates to improvements in sick days, vacation entitlement/usage, overtime and bank-time to name a few.

At this point both parties have agreed to apply for mediation, however, this will delay any hopes of bringing a memorandum to you in a timely fashion. The committees had dates set aside for July 26th, 27th and 28th but without knowing when a mediator will be available it’s hard to give definitive dates when we’ll meet next.

Here’s why we’re going to mediation:

  Union’s Position Finning’s Position
Year 1 wage increase 5% 2% trades only + $2,000 bonus

0% semi-skilled + $2,800 bonus

Year 2 wage increase 4% 2% + $1,000 bonus
Year 3 wage increase 2% + Finning’s  Bonus plan 1% + Finning’s Bonus plan or

minimum 2% lump sum

New NEP-HET rate for new hires (tiered) and existing members red-circled NO $46.38 as of 2021
Pension Voluntary and match increase NO

Other items left outstanding are; fair wages and allowances for TCRS members, RWA clarity on pay stubs and minor adjustments to premiums in schedule D.

In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee

Negotiations continued from May 16th to 20th. Traditionally our bargaining can take up to 10 months, usually involving mediation and in some instances, like last contract, a strike vote. In an attempt to break this cycle your committee decided to go right into wages, terms and big ticket items like LTD, sick time, overtime, vacation and flex benefits. Our monetary package took into account inflation, market conditions, forecasted workloads and Finning’s issues with recruitment and retention.

Finning’s counter can only be described as disappointing.

Our concern now is that this response will convert us back to the traditional, lengthy and unpredictable outcome.

Your committee thanks you all for your continued support. We will be meeting with Finning again on June 13th and 14th.

To all Local 99 members working at Finning:

RE: Grievances F20-012 and F20-013 – Covid-19 Isolation Requirements

On April 22, 2020 Business Representative Jim Patterson published a letter to all affected members who may have suffered a monetary loss due to self isolation or mandated isolation for exposure to Covid 19. You were instructed with providing the following:

We Will Need

  • Full name and facility you work at
  • Dates of missed work and why
  • Who you talked to and when did you talk to them? This would include 811 calls, doctors, and management. If there were any other individuals or corporations, you feel will help support your case please include those dates
  • All relevant history to your claim
  • What steps were taken by yourself leading up to your isolation? For example, you took your sick days, applied for S.T.D but denied, applied for Federal assistance.

To date no information from any member has been supplied to the union office. These grievances were adjudicated by the District Grievance Committee on April 19th, with instructions by the committee to reach out to the membership one more time and give thirty (30) day timeline notice to get information in by May 27th.

If no new information is provided by May 27th, these matters will be withdrawn. Please send your information to

LL99 Executive is happy to announce we'll be hosting our Chief Shop Stewards meeting in person. Meetings will be held on the Tuesday and Wednesday of May 10th and 11th, from 8:30am to 4:00pm @ the Quality Inn west Edmonton, 17803 Stony Plain Road. We look forward to seeing you all face to face!

For those needing accommodations: Rooms can be booked at the Staybridge Inn (780) 484-6223, 16929-109th ave NW Edmonton AB. Please book your rooms ASAP as the hotel cannot guarantee a room last minute. 

  • Members will be asked for a credit card at the hotel for incidentals, only the room is paid for.
  • Those members collecting per diem are expected to provide their own money for meals.


Within every group of our membership; over time changes are made and people come and go. It's important that our members have stewards to represent them in their respective work place. If members of an area do not have a steward to assist them, please feel free to click here for a nomination form: steward-nomination form mid term

Members also need to be reminded that nominations will be conducted as per the IAMAW constitution and LL99 Bylaws. It's also important to notify LL99 Vice President Mark Meldrum, if a nomination for a steward in your area is required. For more information feel free to email Mark @