The Finning Bargaining Committee has put together a survey for the membership.

Survey Link: Click Here

There have been concerns about not getting the access code sent back. We have checked into this and for the most part, it comes down to a few things:

  1. spelling errors in email addresses
  2.  Company email addresses being used
  3. The email ends up in spam or junk mailboxes

We do not want this survey link to end up in the hands of any of the employers for Local 99.  We request that people only use their personal email addresses.

If there is a delay (more than a few minutes), please send an email to

In light of the disaster in Fort McMurray, the IAMAW international has sent LL99 disaster relief fund information. This fund allows for affected members to apply for some compensation for their loss as a result of the fires. The document can be downloaded from here: download
Shawn Plouffe is the head of our Community Services Committee. Please send any requests for funding to his email address: (

The companies that employ our members in the Oilsands are putting together responses which are being posted on Facebook as they come in. Search "Alberta and NWT Machinist". If you are not a member of this group, please apply to be added. We will only add members whose names can be clearly identified through our dues lists.

Chief Shop Stewards:

With the current situation, we have asked for and gotten special dispensation from the IAMAW International to cancel this spring's CSS meeting. This will reduce our current costs. Please cancel your rooms if you have booked elsewhere and all rooms at the Chateau will be cancelled. Advise work you will no longer be needing these days off and will be reporting to work. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused with short notice.

~Mark Meldrum

Finning’s Proposal Package

Your Bargaining Committee has spent the last week reviewing Finning’s proposal package as well as discussing some of the items that Finning has prioritized. We sat down to discuss several outstanding issues with Finning concerning the closing of facilities, lay offs and contracting out work.

In their proposal package, Finning has prioritized their major issues as monetary or cost savings as well as flexibility of shifts. The link to the summary is here:

Finning has already agreed to some of the Union’s proposals, and has withdrawn some of their proposals. The committees are scheduled to meet again on April 5th to continue discussions.

In these challenging economic times we are working hard to minimize the concessions to our collective agreement and bargaining unit. Bargaining is an in-depth process and where the final package ends up is variable. Your bargaining Committee needs your solidarity and support in these difficult times