The Importance of IAMAW Retiree Clubs

After routinely working thirty or forty years most people eagerly look forward to the day when they no longer have to punch a time-clock, but soon thereafter many suffer a letdown.

Some may find it difficult to break the habit of work. Others worry about not having a use in life. Many of them long for the feeling of accomplishments that comes from work.

Frequently the conversation with fellow retirees revolves around missing people from the workplace, kidding around, shoptalk and those coffee breaks.

Nearly everyone resents the loss of things they must do without on reduced incomes. Cutting back on some of things we all grow accustomed to during our working years such as vacations or days at the ball park can be another letdown.

Unfortunately for some, retirement eventually means sitting around the house watching TV, feeling older than they are, worrying about their health. But, this is not the way it has to be.

The good news is these years of retirement are their “golden years.” These are the times for old friends to get together, share new experiences, learn new arts and skills, develop new interests and participate more effectively in community affairs.

The primary purpose of an IAMAW Retiree Club is to assure every effort is made to keep retirees active in their union so that the retirement years of our members will indeed be “golden years”. Through IAMAW Retiree Clubs, members can develop a program of satisfying activities while remaining part of the labor movement. They can meet together to try to ease some of the personal, financial and physical problems that come with aging. Greater involvement in clubs and community affairs will give them a feeling of greater usefulness in life.

Source:Go IAM

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