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In light of the disaster in Fort McMurray, the IAMAW international has sent LL99 disaster relief fund information. This fund allows for affected members to apply for some compensation for their loss as a result of the fires. The document can be downloaded from here: download
Shawn Plouffe is the head of our Community Services Committee. Please send any requests for funding to his email address: (

The companies that employ our members in the Oilsands are putting together responses which are being posted on Facebook as they come in. Search "Alberta and NWT Machinist". If you are not a member of this group, please apply to be added. We will only add members whose names can be clearly identified through our dues lists.


Corporate Canada has reached a milestone in 2014. For the first time ever, it is now hoarding more cash than the national debt. What that means is that in one fell swoop, Canada's corporations could pay off our entire national debt with just the cash sitting in their banks accounts, nevermind their other assets. ...continue reading