Executive Elections

It's time once again for the election of our Executive Officers.

This year we are electing the Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Secretary Treasurer. Nominations will be held at the September membership meetings in Red Deer on September 9, 2015.  Anyone who cannot attend these meetings, but wishes to have their name put forward for nomination may contact our President, Mark Meldrum at mmeldrum@iamaw99.ca with their information and the position(s) for which they wish to be nominated.

All ballots are now absentee ballots, so keep an eye on your mail for an envelope from the Executive. This envelope will contain some instructions, the ballot, a small envelope to put the ballot in, and a stamped return envelope. The ballot must be inside the plain white envelope prior to being placed in the return envelope or the ballot will be considered spoiled and can't be counted.  Ballots will be counted at the November membership meeting and the results announced.