Local 99 election update

After some delays, members now have ballots in-hand. There have been reports of more than one set of ballots in the package shipped from Black Cat Printing. There are two errors here:

  1. there should only be one set of ballots in the envelope
  2. The sheet of ballots were supposed to be sliced horizontally between each of the three ballots. Had this been done, the instructions would have been correct.

If anyone has this situation, please mark the second ballot sheet with "spoiled" across the ballots and return it with the properly filled out ballot sheet. The executive needs to track the number of instances of double stuffed envelopes.

The ballot sheet goes into the white envelope and that envelope goes into the self addressed and stamped envelope. This package needs to be in the mail and to the Union office by Dec 12.

In addition, there have been two candidates who have removed their names from the ballot after the ballots were mailed: James Lesoway and Dennis Callihoo are no longer in the election.

Morgan Eisthen is therefore awarded the position of Conductor Sentinel by acclaimation.