Steward’s Page

Local 99's bylaws are available here: click me (new November 10, 2017)


All forms are in the drop down menu under each page on the home screen.

Click on the Local 99 Lost Time-card to fill out  whenever you are charging time to the local for Union Duties (Kal and Leavitt groups).

Expense Form

Did you have to travel to the hall for meetings, did you have to stay overnight for an arbitration? If you incurred expenses please fill out this form and get it to the hall with ALL ORIGINAL RECEIPTS. Photocopies will not be accepted. Remember the job's not done until the paperwork is complete.

Steward's Information

If you require a steward nomination form please send an email to both the President and Vice-President of the Local Lodge.

Contractor's Dues Form - This is the form used to report to the Union office the presence of any contractors working in Finning's shops. The fees are calculated based on the rates listed on the form.

Grievance Forms - Please fill out both forms and scan email back to the appropriate business rep.

Whenever there is discipline involved it is essential for the steward to take as accurate notes as possible.

Grievance Form and Fact Sheet

So here you are, you have done your investigation and you have determined that a grievance is necessary. Remember if you do in fact file a grievance you will need to contact the hall for the appropriate grievance number, fill out the fact sheet (please get as many methods of contact from the grievor(s) as possible), and MAKE SURE A COPY OF YOUR PAPERWORK GETS TO YOUR BUSINESS REP!!!