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Local 99's bylaws are available here: click me (new June 21, 2019)

Expense Form

Did you have to travel to the hall for meetings, did you have to stay overnight for an arbitration? If you incurred expenses please fill out this form and get it to the hall with ALL ORIGINAL RECEIPTS. Photocopies will not be accepted. Remember the job's not done until the paperwork is complete. The link to the new form is available here: click me  (updated Apr 10, 2019)

Steward's Information

If you require a steward nomination form please send an email to both the President and Vice-President of the Local Lodge.

Contractor's Dues Form 

This is the form used to report to the Union office the presence of any contractors working in Finning's shops. The fees are calculated based on the rates listed on the form. The form is available here: (Updated Nov 13, 2019) click me

Grievance Forms 

Please fill out both the grievance form and fact sheet as fully as possible. Due to the potential for changes in contact information of the grievor(s), it is very important to get multiple methods of contact for each member involved with the grievance. Stewards will need to contact the Union Office in order to get a number for their grievances. Once this number is provided, have a management representative sign and date the document. Then scan  and email back to the appropriate Business Representative. 

The downloadable and printable form is available here: click me

The downloadable and fillable form is available here (Updated Nov 22, 2019): click me

Steward Contact Information update 

This form is for new stewards to send their contact information to Local 99 or for existing stewards to update their contact information. This information will only be used for Union business

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Reference Information

Below are links to documents that may prove to be handy:

Workplace safety / rights and responsibilities: click me

Alberta Occupational Health and safety Act, Regulations and Code: click me

NWT Health and Safety Legislation: click me