Finning Updates

Hello All Finning Members,

Some of us are aware that Finning figured the vacation accruals were calculating wrong on workday. So the company decide to take back what they thought was an error with the system and emailed out to 650 members, that they had by now already removed from their allowable vacation time with an explanation why. I am happy to say that the company has finally recognized that this was not in fact an error, and that the system was calculating correctly. In an email response this was stated to correct the error from LR. Please allow time for the company to fix the error and get everybody's vacation totals back to where they belong.

This is the communication from LR Below:

Vacations: Accruals versus Entitlements

Early March 2018, you were notified by Finning, employees were accruing vacation incorrectly for their milestone years (EE’s had overstated vacation banks). As such we adjusted the vacation banks in Work Day for approximately six hundred and fifty (650) employees, between both provinces. Subsequently, over the course of the last three (3) weeks, we’ve continued to discuss how an employee is accruing vacation and when they are eligible to take it (old system, new system, what do the CBA’s say)

This email is to confirm, the adjustment which occurred early March of 2018 should not have occurred. Based on the language both collective agreements, employees are entitled to the negotiated vacation entitlement after the established calendar year and currently this is not captured in Work Day.

Effective immediately a team will be pulled together to action the following commitments:

1.      Immediately re-configuring the vacation accruals or balances for the six hundred and fifty previously impacted employees;

2.      Review of our systems capability to capture entitled weeks of vacation and to show both accrued (pay period basis starting from hire) and entitled (based on CBA eligibility) vacation amounts;

3.      Communication plans 1) Reconciliation of the March vacation banks and 2) How Work Day will show vacation entitlements as expressed in the CBA’s.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know and I will ensure you are kept informed as we sort through this. Again thank you for your patience as we worked through the first part of this matter (identifying the adjustment in March was made in error) and your continued patience while we work to resolve this and action the above commitments as quickly as we can.


Below is a message from Business Representative Kevin Clark:

"To our Finning members in the Fort McMurray region. The Union is gathering information to support a grievance on the issue of Finning adding the 'random' component to their Drug and Alcohol testing policy. Currently, Suncor and their supporters recently received a ruling at the Alberta Court of Appeal to return the matter in front of an Arbitrator to adjudicate. Suncor is not waiting for the Arbitrator to rule and has announced the implementation of the 'random' aspect of testing on December 1st. Currently in Canada, this is a violation of your rights and freedoms. However, until there is a decision our members must obey and grieve later so for those working on Suncor sites please be aware that you may be randomly selected and the results may have consequences. The Union will deal with those but only when the matter has been decided in the Courts or by an Arbitrator. Keep in touch with your Stewards for more information to follow when it becomes available."