Finning Updates

Since ratification there has been quite a few communications from Finning’s Labour Relations team and their interpretation of the CBA. It’s clear that Labour Relations is trying to supersede one article over another or trying to bend the CBA in order to support their interpretation and ignore what was discussed during bargaining. Finning’s Labour Relations team has become combative, unreliable and willing to neglect the history behind our Collective Agreement that supports our membership.

Extremely disappointing to say the least!

Your Bargaining Committee is in continuous discussions trying to work with Labour relations to clarify several items:

  • TCRS standby pay/signed TA with changes ($150/week vs $5.00/hr)
  • Overtime averaging: Full stat credit for stat holiday on shift when the company does not let members work.
  • Overtime averaging: Starting on next shift after ratification not Oct 9th as communicated.
  • Approved travel time, bereavement, jury duty, injury pay counting towards the 160hr calculation
  • Double Time for overtime on Saturdays including 0.5ot after ratification for all members. Not just those on 8 or 10 hour shifts.
  • Honouring accommodation language already in the CBA

All of these items are being expedited to arbitration and will be dealt with as soon as possible!



When: Thursday November 10th @ 8:00am.
Where: West Harvest Quality Inn 17803 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton Alberta

Stewards needing a branch report can download the pdf below. Those attending should fill out their reports and email them to Kyle Murphy @ 

C.S.S Branch Report


2022 Ratification Vote
We have a final vote of 74.3% in favour of the new 3 year Collective Bargaining
Agreement. The Bargaining Committee would like to thank all those that
attended the meetings, requested absentee ballots and took the opportunity to
This was our first time attempting to perform online voting and there were
issues. Our sincerest apologies to those who may have been affected and we all
hope that in the future these types of online formats will become streamlined
and efficient.
With the voting process at an end we will now be investing time in merging the
new memorandum with our previous C.B.A. and getting the new agreement
printed and uploaded to the website ( . If Chief Shop
Stewards or Shop Stewards have questions concerning the new contract they
are encouraged to reach out to Business Representative Kevin Clark.

To all Finning members:

As you all have heard; IAMAW Local 99 and Finning reached a tentative agreement earlier this month. Your Bargaining Committee has released the final memorandum for all members to review. Over the  next month meetings will be held to explain the changes and collect the memberships ballot. As well, we will be introducing electronic voting for those members that cannot participate when the meetings take place at your branches. Details about electronic voting will be available on our web site in the coming days. We will post the schedule when both the Bargaining Committee and Finning have concrete dates, times and locations.

Please review the memorandum attached below:

Final Memorandum Aug 30 2022




All members:

After a long 12 hour day on Wednesday August 10th, a tentative agreement has been reached with Finning which enhances wages and entitlements for our membership for the next 3 years.  The publishing of the memorandum will be completed as soon as possible and will be supplied to all of you prior to voting. We’re currently working out the details of the roll out meetings at your locations, some of which will involve video conferencing. We will involve electronic voting for our members who work or live in outlying locations, details will all be forthcoming.

Highlights of the Memorandum:

  • 3 year term at 4%, 3%, 2% and a $4000 signing bonus for every member
  • 2 extra Sick/Flex days (more flexibility of usage) and can use banked time
  • Pre-planned medical - no erosion of sick time
  • Banked time from 160 to 320 hours
  • Saturdays and Sundays are now double time OT
  • Improved wage discrepancy for TCRS semi skilled
  • True hour averaging for all continuous shift members ie: Ekati calculation
  • Vacation improvements to years 13 and 18
  • Your choice of 8hr to 12hr vacation usage outside of primetime
  • Improvements to premiums and general provisions
  • Prorated severance and extended recall

Thank you for your support,

Your Bargaining Committee:

Kevin Clark, Wade Zenchyson, Mark Meldrum,

James McLeod, Jeremy Brydges