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By now members will be receiving a second ballot in the mail, these ballots will have a PO box return address which is different from the normal process of ballots being returned to the district lodge office. This was done to alleviate any intermixing of the discarded ballots and the updated ballots; it also ensures the ballots are not misplaced with the regular incoming mail and only the tellers have access to the PO Box.

This isn’t the 1st time in Local 99’s history that a PO box has been used to collect our ballots. I’d also like to remind members to return their ballots as soon as possible, ballots will be counted on February 29th and the results will be announced shortly after.

To all members:

I’m sure you all are curious to know the results of the Local 99 Election. I’m sorry to say that after issues with the absentee ballot we will be performing another complete mailout of absentee ballots to the membership. Below is a brief explanation of what transpired and what we will do to rectify the situation:

After reviewing the proofs of both the envelopes and ballots, they were mailed out to the membership on October 25th . On November 9th it was brought to our attention that the address on the return envelope was wrong (a clerical error made after the proofs had been reviewed):

107, 10741 -178st, T5S-1R5 Edmonton Alberta

instead of:

107, 10471-178st, T5S-1R5 Edmonton Alberta

We contacted both the printing company and Canada Post to see what could be done, Canada Post pointed out that the bad 107, 10741-178st address didn’t exist and that they would do their best to catch the return envelopes and have them sent to the printing company if they did not make it to our 10471-178st address. Yesterday our tellers were sorting out the returned envelopes and we had received an abnormally low return of those envelopes. ...continue reading

The November 8th Membership Meeting will be held 5:00pm at The Quality Inn, 17803 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton.

Local Lodge 99 will be holding nominations for all Officers positions. Nominations will be accepted from both virtual and in person attendees. Local 99 will also be performing 2nd reading of bylaw changes.

Reminder: until bylaw changes are accepted by both the membership and the Grand Lodge, 20 members must attend “in person” to qualify for quorum.

It’s understandable that some members won’t be able to attend due to personal or work-related reasons however, to accommodate our membership outside the Edmonton region we will continue to maintain a Zoom option. Members looking to attend virtually can use the QR code for the 2023 reoccurring meetings below:

  1. Members should not be using company devices to attend meetings virtually.
  2. Members will be asked for their full name when accessing the meeting. Due to the open format of Zoom please be advised that people will be refused access if they do not share their information.
  3. To ensure everyone has an opportunity to speak and be heard please keep your microphones muted.
  4. Members can download Zoom onto their device for free here:

After having concerns that the Absentee ballot list was lower than expected, local 99 Executive made the decision to mail out a Ballot to all of Local 99's membership. Ballots were mailed out to our members last known address (including those who filled out an absentee request)  on October 25th and will be accepted as eligible if returned or received by the end of the day December 7th.

Local 99 Executive would also like to point out a clerical error on the Trustee Ballot for the "Finning Main Contract": the word "Trustee" was left off the ballot, that being said the Ballot is still valid and the nominees are correct. Please fill out all ballots and return ASAP.