2023 Local Lodge 99 Membership Meeting Update

The November 8th Membership Meeting will be held 5:00pm at The Quality Inn, 17803 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton.

Local Lodge 99 will be holding nominations for all Officers positions. Nominations will be accepted from both virtual and in person attendees. Local 99 will also be performing 2nd reading of bylaw changes.

Reminder: until bylaw changes are accepted by both the membership and the Grand Lodge, 20 members must attend “in person” to qualify for quorum.

It’s understandable that some members won’t be able to attend due to personal or work-related reasons however, to accommodate our membership outside the Edmonton region we will continue to maintain a Zoom option. Members looking to attend virtually can use the QR code for the 2023 reoccurring meetings below:

  1. Members should not be using company devices to attend meetings virtually.
  2. Members will be asked for their full name when accessing the meeting. Due to the open format of Zoom please be advised that people will be refused access if they do not share their information.
  3. To ensure everyone has an opportunity to speak and be heard please keep your microphones muted.
  4. Members can download Zoom onto their device for free here: https://zoom.us/