Local Lodge 99

Below is a message from Business Representative Kevin Clark:

"To our Finning members in the Fort McMurray region. The Union is gathering information to support a grievance on the issue of Finning adding the 'random' component to their Drug and Alcohol testing policy. Currently, Suncor and their supporters recently received a ruling at the Alberta Court of Appeal to return the matter in front of an Arbitrator to adjudicate. Suncor is not waiting for the Arbitrator to rule and has announced the implementation of the 'random' aspect of testing on December 1st. Currently in Canada, this is a violation of your rights and freedoms. However, until there is a decision our members must obey and grieve later so for those working on Suncor sites please be aware that you may be randomly selected and the results may have consequences. The Union will deal with those but only when the matter has been decided in the Courts or by an Arbitrator. Keep in touch with your Stewards for more information to follow when it becomes available."


After some delays, members now have ballots in-hand. There have been reports of more than one set of ballots in the package shipped from Black Cat Printing. There are two errors here:

  1. there should only be one set of ballots in the envelope
  2. The sheet of ballots were supposed to be sliced horizontally between each of the three ballots. Had this been done, the instructions would have been correct.

If anyone has this situation, please mark the second ballot sheet with "spoiled" across the ballots and return it with the properly filled out ballot sheet. The executive needs to track the number of instances of double stuffed envelopes.

The ballot sheet goes into the white envelope and that envelope goes into the self addressed and stamped envelope. This package needs to be in the mail and to the Union office by Dec 12.

In addition, there have been two candidates who have removed their names from the ballot after the ballots were mailed: James Lesoway and Dennis Callihoo are no longer in the election.

Morgan Eisthen is therefore awarded the position of Conductor Sentinel by acclaimation.

Once again, Local 99 is will be looking for 2 individuals for our $999.00 scholarships. One scholarship will be awarded a post secondary student and one will go to a grade 12 student who's enrolling in a post secondary education. Eligibility is limited to members and their immediate family. feel free to send an email with your contact information, proof of enrollment in a post-secondary course and most recent transcripts to LL99Executive@iamaw99.ca prior to April 12th 2023. Winners will be selected based on transcripts by LL99's Executive and announced at April's membership meeting.

Good Luck!!


We are in another election cycle for Local 99. Our bylaws state that all Executive terms are 3 years. The elections for the Executive positions are staggered by 1 year: this year, the President, Conductor Sentinel and the Trustees are up for election.

The candidates for President are:

Mark Meldrum
Bruce Caravan
Paul Mandryk

The candidates for Conductor Sentinel are:

Dennis Calihoo
Morgan Eisthen

The Candidates for Trustee are:

Jeff Frenette
Freddy Navas
Neil Rudiger
James Lesoway
Lorne Park
Richard Routhier
Don Seel
Trent Demanchuk
Wade Zenchyson
Jon Barry

Best of luck to all of the candidates.

Please ensure that your mailing is correct so that you can receive a ballot for this and future elections. Click Here to update your personal information with the Union