What is Organizing and Why do we do it?

When union activists talk about ‘organizing’ they are usually referring to either internal or external/outside organizing. Internal organizing refers to getting your existing membership engaged, active, informed, and ready to act on a specific issue. External or outside organizing means unionizing non-union workers through the certification process so that they have a fair collective agreement.

But why do we organize?

We organize both internally and externally for the same reason, which is to rebalance the scales of power. Unions that have active and engaged members are better able to handle grievances and achieve wins at the bargaining table. Growing our numbers is also the key component in continuing to achieve better lives for workers and for our existing members.

As union membership has shrunken, so to has our power as working Canadians. Wages have stagnated, and pensions have been attacked by employers, all the while CEO compensation has hit all time highs.

We have an obligation to fight to ensure that everyone who puts in an honest day’s work, gets what they deserve. Unions like the IAM exist to make lives better for workers. Together we are stronger, and there is strength in numbers.

“We must build up our numbers. It’s there that our power truly lies. That’s how we will re-balance the scales of power. And that’s how we will make sure corporate profits start making it into the hands of those who are actually building the products and providing the services that make both our nations great.”

-IAM International President, Bob Martinez

If you know someone who wants to join the IAM or you want to get involved in organizing please reach out at:  mbarnable@iamdl14.org