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To all LL99 Members:

Please be advised that there was a serious incident at our West Edmonton Facility today involving 2 members, both of which are in the hospital. From the whole Executive: we're wishing them the best and hoping for a quick recovery. Due to the nature of the situation we cannot release any other information at this time however one thing that was brought to our attention is that the membership in the shop performed admirably as they helped emergency crews deal with the situation.

Thank you to ALL who helped the emergency crews and made sure that our injured members were taken care of as swiftly as possible!!

If Members feel the need for EFAP assistance please contact 1-844-880-9142


Grand Lodge Elections are under way and the District office will be open for members to vote on the 24th of April. Members are encouraged to vote in person or by absentee ballot. If voting by absentee ballot members can request a ballot at the webpage. Absentee ballots requests must be received by April 12th. Members can also find more information about the candidates on the webpage.   click here


LL99 Executive will be picking the winners of 2 x $999.00 2021 Spring Scholarships at the April Executive meeting, deadline for this will be April 13th. Scholarships will be awarded to one graduating high school student and one post secondary student. Applicants must be members in good standing or immediate family and will need to provide a cover letter, most recent transcripts and proof of enrollment in further education. Applicants will be judged on the highest overall grade point average and can email their information to:

We apologize for any miscommunication concerning the timelines as access to our webpage was limited. All those who sent their information in earlier this year will be accounted for.

We are continuing with our commitment to all members of communication about Bargaining!

The union served a response to an estoppel concerning overtime that was served at the beginning of bargaining by the company. This notice clearly stated we DO NOT agree or accept Kal Tire’s interpretation or proposed enforcement. It is the Unions view that any hours or days worked outside or in excess of a normally scheduled workday or shift shall be paid at overtime rates.

Round two of bargaining was fruitful as it produced a complete package from Kal Tire. This package came at the end of a four-day round and leaving no time for review or counter proposals. Your Union committee is meeting soon to work through the package we received from your employer. We are also awaiting information we have requested from Kal Tire to bargain intelligently. ...continue reading

LL99 executive is currently making updates to our web page. While we encourage members to communicate through their stewards, we’d also like to ensure that they can come to the IAM website for information. It is important to everyone that we all do our best to stay up to date with each other in times when we are driven apart.

Our local is widespread and has multiple Collective Agreements, including Kal Tire, Leavitt, Weldco and Finning. Collective bargaining is dependent on all of us standing together in a united front to face our employers and communicating is one of our best assets, but it isn’t a one-way street. If anyone has information they want to pass on, please contact LL99 executive at