Union Elections

We are continuing with our commitment to all members of communication about Bargaining!

The union served a response to an estoppel concerning overtime that was served at the beginning of bargaining by the company. This notice clearly stated we DO NOT agree or accept Kal Tire’s interpretation or proposed enforcement. It is the Unions view that any hours or days worked outside or in excess of a normally scheduled workday or shift shall be paid at overtime rates.

Round two of bargaining was fruitful as it produced a complete package from Kal Tire. This package came at the end of a four-day round and leaving no time for review or counter proposals. Your Union committee is meeting soon to work through the package we received from your employer. We are also awaiting information we have requested from Kal Tire to bargain intelligently. ...continue reading

This month's membership meeting will be held in Grande Prairie at the Ramada Inn (7201 99th street, Clairemont) at 5:30pm. Due to issues with the nominations for the Vice-President and Recording Secretary positions held last month, the IAM has asked us to re-run the nominations. Members who are either nominating someone or accepting the nominations need to email bcaravan@iamaw99.ca and dseel@iamaw99.ca prior to the meeting