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To all Finning/TCRS members:

As we all know our membership is entering into another bargaining year. With the delays due to Covid-19 restrictions, it’s taken some time for our Finning Bargaining Committee to come together as a team. On Tuesday January 11th your committee got together and formulated the survey so we could start the process of getting the membership involved. It’s imperative that every member takes the time and opportunity to fill out the survey so that we can get an informed opinion on how to bargain in 2022.  Surveys must be completed before March 4th, at that time the Grand Lodge will tally the results from that survey and pass on the information to us for review.

To fill out your Bargaining survey click on the link below:




Edmonton, AB – It is our sad duty to inform you that Brother Jim Patterson, Business Representative and Organiser for IAM District 14 passed away tragically this past weekend.

Jim had an incident with the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) he was in. We will share more details as we have them.

“His family and his job were of great importance to him,” said Kevin Clark, Directing Business Representative of DL14 in Edmonton. “It is a tragic loss to our IAM Family and we will have to process this loss. I know his family is grieving and I ask that everyone give them the time and the space to deal with his loss. We will share more information as we have it and will help the family as much as they will allow.”

LL99 President, Wade Zenchyson was similarly thunderstruck. “I’m in complete disbelief. Jim was such a presence in our local, in our union and in our lives. It’s a huge loss,” he said.

Jim Patterson leaves behind a wife, a daughter and a son. Our thoughts are with them in this most difficult time.

We will share more details as we have them.

– 30 –

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Kal Tire Bargaining
On Monday August 16th our committee met with Kal Tire and the Mediator. This was our first session of bargaining after the rejection of the memorandum. We have made it clear what the members want in order to get a deal ratified based on what you told us through your survey answers. We had productive discussions throughout the day between the parties and are awaiting a response from Kal Tire. The second mediation session has been postponed as Kal Tire is working on a response to the feedback we provided from the surveys. We anticipate a response soon, and will update you when we do.

2021 Elections for LL99 Stewards are well under way and LL99 Executive needs to know who you are! Stewards are encouraged to download, fill out the form below and return it to rhuppee@iamaw99.ca ASAP. As we update our list we ask that all Stewards and Chief Shop Stewards fill out this form to ensure everyone is up to date.


Steward Information sheet