Union Elections

The Finning group within Local 99 is still in the midst of a difficult set of bargaining. The Bargaining Committee asked that this strike preparation information PDF was put on the website. While some of the content is specific only to the Edmonton region, the information can still be used to find local help and support sources for our members wherever they are,  should this this bargaining result in labour action.

For those who don't know: a motion way made by IAMAW LL99's Executive several months ago to move towards a Full Service district. This move changes the way that the Locals within District 14 receive dues money from the District office. There have been many questions on this change. Below is a summary of the reasons behind the proposed move and the implications of the move:

As many members are aware, the IAMAW contributed a large amount of money to our members in Fort McMurray when the the "Beast" Wildfire ripped through the city in 2016. The IAMAW has members in Eastern Canada that are being affected by the flooding. The IAMAW is looking to gather donations from interested members. The Appeal letter below is from our General Vice President, Stan Pickthall.