Oilsands Membership meetings

Your Executive will be in Fort McMurray next week for the monthly meeting.  Membership meetings will be taking place at the following dates and times at the indicated locations:

Monday Nov 17, 2014

4.00 P.M. (Nightshift)
8.00 P.M. (Dayshift)

Beaver River Lodge

Tuesday Nov 18, 2014

5.00 P.M. (Nightshift)
7.30 P.M. (Dayshift)
9.30 P.M. (Dayshift Plant Sites)

Radisson Hotel: 435 Gregoire Drive, Fort McMurray

Wednesday Nov 19, 2014
8.30 A.M.
(Nightshift Plant Sites)
7.30 P.M.
9.30 P.M.
(Dayshift Plant Sites)

Radisson Hotel: 435 Gregoire Drive, Fort McMurray