A new poll from Environics on the issue of publicly funding private schools shows widespread support and positive momentum for defunding elite private schools and shifting funding to the public education system.

Three out of four Albertans, 75 per cent, agree that schools charging more than $10,000 per year in tuition should not receive public funding. ...continue reading


Written by Matt Barnable

Convention began on Sunday, September 4 to the singing of both U.S. and Canada National anthems. Delegates, guests and staff stood in solidarity and pride in what would surely be a historic convention. Guest speakers were brought in throughout the week to speak on a variety of labour, social and political issues. Speakers such as Richard Trumka president of the AFL-CIO and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel stood before us, and yes even presidential candidate Hilary Clinton sent a video message to the machinists. The first thing to notice was the scope of the event and the sheer amount of people. ...continue reading