Zoom Membership Meeting June 9th 2021 7:30pm

To attend this Zoom meeting members MUST send an email with their full name to: wzenchyson@iamaw99.ca

1. LL99 executive would like to inform members that they should not use company devices to attend.
2. Members will be asked for their full name when accessing the meeting. Due to the open format of Zoom please be advised that people will be refused access if they do not share their information.
3. To ensure everyone has an opportunity to speak and be heard please keep your microphones muted.
4. Members can download Zoom onto their devise for free here: https://zoom.us/

Our next membership meeting is not scheduled until September 8th so members should attend if they want to voice their concerns.

To conduct any business Local 99 will need a quorum of 20 members or more.