Finning Updates

Below is a message from Business Representative Kevin Clark:

"To our Finning members in the Fort McMurray region. The Union is gathering information to support a grievance on the issue of Finning adding the 'random' component to their Drug and Alcohol testing policy. Currently, Suncor and their supporters recently received a ruling at the Alberta Court of Appeal to return the matter in front of an Arbitrator to adjudicate. Suncor is not waiting for the Arbitrator to rule and has announced the implementation of the 'random' aspect of testing on December 1st. Currently in Canada, this is a violation of your rights and freedoms. However, until there is a decision our members must obey and grieve later so for those working on Suncor sites please be aware that you may be randomly selected and the results may have consequences. The Union will deal with those but only when the matter has been decided in the Courts or by an Arbitrator. Keep in touch with your Stewards for more information to follow when it becomes available."


We have received several requests for absentee ballots. We do urge members to attend the rollout meetings at the various branches in Alberta and the NWT, however we do understand that some members will not be able to get to these meetings.

In order to receive an absentee ballot, you will need to fill out the form below in order to get a ballot mailed to you. In light of the pending Canada Post Labour dispute, we are urging anyone taking an absentee ballot to get that ballot filled out and back in the mail immediately.

Please take the time to look at the PDF of the PowerPoint below prior to voting:

Here is a PDF of the Rollout presentation (updated July 21): click me

Absentee Balloting has been closed. Thank you for your participation